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Here is where I log all the photos throughout The Nexus. Below each picture, I’ve labeled where each photo is from, who took/created it, and which book/ch. it is featured in. I will also (briefly) describe why I chose it for each book and for each scene it is used it. Thanks for your support!

Which is your favorite?


Indecision #4 (Header, Here)

left – Emma ; center – ME ; right – Taylor (05/08 aprox.)

This is one that was taken of me by a friend of mine, along with the four other shots that are in this 3-second period of time. Comedy breaks the ice and I thought this was a good opener 😉

I was in Madison in this one, living on my own for the first time. This was during a party with both alcohol and cool new video games. The two different possibilities, at this specific moment, made me feel torn. X)

Majesty – ME (Elemental : Yuri)

I took this photo from my front yard, kneeling on the ground. :O Across the street from me is an open sod farm for like, three acres. Thunderstorms are freaking amazing, but you don’t necessarily get rain from every cloud (that poor excuse for a sentence was supposed to be an attempt at humor, lol). I love the layers, and how large these clouds look – the bottom edge is just above the horizon line!

A Brisk Spring Morning – Sharrafrost (Falcar : Atrau, Ch. 5)

This picture inspired a scene originally, but I then ended up rewriting it when I really took a longer/closer look; I’d made the scene one of the highlighting descriptive points in Ch. 5 (Falcar : Atrau) instead of a passing paragraph. 🙂

Fog In The Forest – marc2266 (Falcar : Atrau, Ch. 4)

I actually had a scene forming in my mind when I saw this picture, and it totally changed how it ended. This picture is great with the multiple layers thing like in the shot “Majesty” near the top.

Into The Fog – Dreamca7cher (Background Falcar : Atrau)

I saw this picture and instantly switched it to my desktop background. having it there and seeing it every time I got on the computer to write (two different books that take place in a forest) it really helped me get into the scenery. This is what I think when I think of Falcar : Atrau, and of Que-Gnarr : Liam.

Starry Night – Nawamane (Falcar : Atrau,  Ch. 7)

This picture (minus the car that’s partly visible) came at a perfect time. I had been writing and thinking of what was going on with the character then thought, he needs to take a break and calm down. This shot almost made me think of someone sitting down in the woods. Without a fire. Just sitting and being in the night in the middle of a forest. Perfectly what I needed.


Tentsmuir Sunrise – Ballisticvole (Falcar : Atrau Ch. 1)

This was the book opener for me. When Atrau flew to this spot in the forest and just stopped and took a breath, that’s what this picture did. It was the start of something huge for me, a series attempt with more than three books in it – and writing them all except the very last one at the same time!! It’s fun, it’s weird, and it is one of the most challenging things I’ve done so far. If you like this photo, check out the book!

Forest – The End of Marmara – DarkSilverflame (Falcar : Atrau To Be Added)

This picture instantly inspired a spooky scene part way through Falcar : Atrau, but I wanted it shown here specially sooner. It gives such a creepy feeling, the dark and the light. I just loved it.

The forest lake sunrise – jchanders (Falcar : Atrau To Be Added)

I liked this photo enough to use it. I love the warm feeling it gives, the fog totally makes it seem perfectly picturesque. Love it! It’s strength is something I want added to my book by a specific scene in which this photo is described by Atrau.

Waterfall – KrazyPixie (Falcar : Atrau to be added)

This photo caught my eye and sparked a sweet little scene a good portion of the way through Falcar : Atrau . I love how natural and secluded it looks, like its little atmosphere need not ever being discovered by more than the passing deer or another woodland creature.

Peace – ME – (Background, Here)

This was the perfect picture I think to be at the end. It’s me, saying peace, love, and hair-grease. It’s me saying I hope you enjoyed the photos and have at least checked out a blog/book or two that they are from. 😉

Kyle Writtenword


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